Adam Michaan

Founder, Game Design

Emily Compton

Lead Artist

Kevin Chen

Senior Programmer

Alex Ahlberg



Software Development

Make it Run.

With backgrounds ranging from mobile development to the financial industry, our engineering team has a diverse skillset with which tackle the challenges of game development.

Game Design

Make it Fun.

One could say game design is a discipline primarily concerned with creating experiences, and at Windy Games, we strive to give our players the best ones we can. Not only has our designer and founder spent years honing his skills through multiple indie projects, but his unabashed love of games means that he brings a passion for his role both as a designer and as a player.

Unity Prototyping

Make it Happen.

The members of our team have a long professional history with the Unity engine, stretching as far back for some of us as 2007. In that time, we have seen the software mature into a flourishing toolset used for projects ranging from VR to architectural visualization. We would love to use our Unity experience to bring your ideas to fruition.

3D Art

Make it Pretty.

Between our in-house digital artist and our extensive network of freelancers, our art team has the ability to work in a wide variety of styles and techniques. We bring both the generalist’s breadth and the specialist’s depth to the aesthetic design of our digital worlds, and we are open to accepting contracts for asset and concept creation.